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Here at Avid Carp we’re always looking to combat problems and provide solutions, and one flagship idea based around this ethos is our Thread and Go! Tubing. For many, it’s a necessary evil because so many waters ban leadcore and leaders. At Avid, we’ve developed some ingenious new systems that remove all the old problems that used to be associated with anti-tangle tubing. For starters, you’ll never need to sit there looking like a lemon trying to thread tungsten tubing onto your main line. In fact, we’ve done that for you with the brilliant THREAD & GO TUBING, which is pre-threaded on wires. Simply remove the little stopper, put your main line through the loop in the wire, and thread the tubing up your line! When ‘Shoes’ first showed me this simple idea I was blown away, it removed a problem which has hassled carp anglers for years. It comes in three different colours and is the most supple and heavy tubing we could get our hands on. It's excellent tubing and the fact that it’s pre-threaded is just a bonus. It’s not mega thick, it has no memory, and it nails itself to the lakebed. It will follow the contours of the lakebed, it’s a matt finish and it’s also really abrasion resistant. What’s more, there’s a Choddy Brown, a Silty Black and a Weedy Green, so no matter where you’re fishing, there’s something to blend in to the lakebed.  The diameter of the tubing isn’t mega thick like some heavy tubing’s and the colours are fantastic – none are really dark. The tubing is tough enough to withstand abrasive objects like snags or weed, making it a great choice on small venues that tend to have a lot more overhanging trees, or gravel pits where the bars can rub against your line whilst playing fish.

Product Features
  • The most supple and heavy tubing we could get our hands on
  • Pre-threaded on wire, simply pull onto your mainline
  • Tough enough to withstand abrasive objects
  • Available in Choddy Brown, Silty Black and Weedy Green
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