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Product description

After more than 15 months of product development and extremely successful field testing trials we released our superb new boilie, Equinox. Designed as an instantly attractive 'food source' boilie, the outstanding results achieved during testing have shown Equinox to be highly effective for anglers fishing short sessions on highly pressured day ticket and circuit waters as well as those targeting large specimen fish over longer campaigns.Even on venues where it has never been used before, Equinox has repeatedly out-fished other baits that have been successful on these venues for a prolonged period, showing just how instantly attractive and effective it is. Made from high quality ingredients selected from milk, fish, vegetable and egg products, Equinox also contains carbohydrates, spices and HaithÕs Robin Red¨ creating an incredibly attractive year-round food source; the ideal bait for all four seasons. In conjunction with its highly nutritious base, Equinox also contains fruit extracts, yeasts and other potent natural feeding triggers to create a unique 'spiced-fruit' taste and aroma that stimulates fish to feed time and time again. Being highly soluble and easily digested Equinox breaks down in even the coldest water temperatures, constantly releases powerful natural food signals into your swim which disperse to all layers of the water. With its devastating nutrient, taste and aroma profile, Equinox presents fish with three vital properties that stimulates them to eat, making Equinox far more effective in unfavourable conditions than many other baits ... a massive edge that can really help your catch rate. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, get on the Equinox and see why thereÕs such a buzz about this outstanding new bait.

Product Features
  • Instantly attractive 'food source' boilie
  • Effective for anglers fishing short sessions on highly pressured day ticket
  • High quality ingredients
  • Incredibly attractive year-round
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